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November 18, 2012

A Bi-Partisan Plan to Make the Poor Rich and End Poverty

A Plan To End Poverty

2012’s Forgotten Class ­the Poor

by Dick McDonald The USA Plan

The 2012 election has been focused on the Middle-Class. The poor in America have hardly been mentioned. Both political parties and their presidential candidates seem to have forgotten the ever-growing class of Americans designated as poor. They drone on exclusively about the middle-class.

Their campaigns have been silent when it comes to the poor.

In matter of fact there are now more people designated as poor than any time in American history. That is an American tragedy. The $17 trillion spent on the War on Poverty in the last 43 years has been a national failure of inestimable proportion.

It is no wonder why their campaigns remain silent. They haven¹t got a solution to stamp out poverty. So why bring it up.

It didn¹t have to be. The American people could have been smarter and forced their representatives to pass laws that eliminated the poor; but they didn¹t. Instead their representatives have created enormous dependency on government by too many Americans who if they had been smarter would by now have the personal wealth to be financially independent. They missed their chance at the golden ring ­ the American Dream of financial independence.

These politicians could have legislated this many years ago. They could have had America¹s workers invest their own payroll taxes (15.3% of their income) in the American economy and personally benefit from the growth in value in their own stock portfolio. As explained at the combined net worth of the American population would have been $460 trillion today rather than the paltry $20 trillion it is now. (115 million households would each have on average a $4 million nest egg).

Taking all Americans to financial independence is still possible. We can do what we did in Japan after World War II. Americans Joseph Morrell Dodgeand Edwards Deming changed the course of world history by taking Japan from its war-torn last place in GDP (gross national product) to second in the world in only 10 years. Banker Dodge did it by giving a tax break to the workers ­ all the workers ­ they didn¹t have to pay income taxes on earnings from investments in the newly created Japan Postal Bank. That worker capital fueled their exceptionally rapid growth.

The USA Plan is much more potent than even the American-crafted Japanese plan. Close to a trillion dollars a year will be invested by American workers in common stocks and the accumulation, compounding and growth in every worker¹s portfolio will generate an average $4 million nest egg for each worker at retirement.

Unfortunately the American worker cannot rely on their representatives to institute the Plan because those representatives have had the opportunity to make the poor rich and the country wealthier for 75 years and have done nothing about it. It will take a popular uprising ­ a non-violent non-confrontational one to force Congress to pass such legislation.

You can help the Prosperity Commission to educate and promote The USA Plan by going to the website and contributing something to the effort that will benefit you and your family for all time. The Prosperity Commission will be an organization that will not tread lightly but a Super-Pac that will confront those who refuse to make the poor rich and the country wealthier.

Make no mistake some will complain because their financial ox will be gored for the common good. You may have heard the term ³social justice.² What greater justice can there be than making the poor rich and the country wealthier? It is up to you. Contribute today.

October 19, 2011

Are You In The 1%? Find out Here.

October 19th | by Hillary Reinsberg

There’s a lot of confusion about Occupy Wall Street — “What is this movement even about?” many have asked. But what about that message of the 1% versus the 99%? What, after all, makes you part of the 1%? It’s actually less than you may have thought.

The Wall Street Journal put together a “percentage” calculator that allows you to enter your annual household income and find out what percentile you fall it.

So what does it take to be a part of the 1%? Around total household income $507,000 a year. Though half a million dollars a year is a huge amount, it’s important to recognize this means the 1% isn’t just relegated to famous Wall Street CEOs. There are bankers and traders in their late 20s Wall Street who easily make that much. Surgeons and dentists can make that much as well. We don’t want to politicize anything here — it’s just something worth noticing and observing.

Interestingly, there was debate a few years ago about a $500,000 a year “salary cap.” There was lots of outrage over it, but if you think about it, it theoretically only would have affected just over 1% of people. Again, just interesting to observe.

1% aside, wondering how you might stack up? What percentage do you fit in to?

Even those not making half a million are still in higher percentiles than you might expect. $1,000,000….$99.5%

The 50% mark, by the way, is at $43,000. Are you surprised by where things really fall?

via Are You In The 1%? Find out Here. | Mogulite.

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