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August 31, 2011

Goodbye Egypt, Libya and Syria – Our Manchurian President Completes His Mission

For several years I’ve listened to President Barack Obama and marveled at his telepromter skills. However, as much as he reminds us how American he is his actions scare the hell out of me. One of his questionable actions that give me pause is his support for the ouster of Middle-East dictators, Mubarak, Qaddafi and Assad.

Obama’s in-house media at NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc. extol the success of the democratic revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Syria and call it the “Arab Spring.” They write those headlines with absolutely no critique of what those revolutionaries will do with the freedom they’ve earned.

We have let the mainstream media promote Castro in Cuba and Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran both to our everlasting regret. Is it happening again?

Even a casual understanding of the Middle East would have led the media to warn us about the repeat of the mistake Jimmy Carter made handing over Iran to the Mullahs of Islam. Early indications are that the Muslim Brotherhood is orchestrating the same type of takeover in those three countries and I believe Barack Obama has been helping them in their efforts.

Unfortunately “freedom” in the Muslim world is a world governed by Sharia law. No one knows that better than Barack Obama who learned his Sharia lessons as a young Muslim in Islamic schools in Indonesia. Essentially there is no freedom in Islam as the Koran and other religious texts prescribe a followers every move.

It is not a leap of fear I make in believing that our President has been assisting Islam in affecting the overthrow of anti-Islamic dictators to make way for the rule of the Mullahs. His bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, his speech in Egypt, his anti-Christian and anti-Israel policies, his cleverly disguised ignoring of “political” Islam and his endorsement that Islam is only a religion and literally hundreds of other pro-Islamic moves leads me to believe he is Islam’s Manchurian candidate.

It is not beyond belief that young Barack upon learning that Mohammed was a “perfect person” patterned his life after him. – patterned it to ravage the Western world as Mohammed prescribed but with the belief that any heinous act justified the building of an Islamic caliphate. His “perfect person” indiscriminately killed his opponents and raped the wives of his supporters. Neither Mohammed nor his Sharia bears any resemblance to freedom with honor as known in the Western world. The fact that Obama is a “stealth” version of the “perfect person” only convinces me of his Manchurian status.

My heart hopes I’m wrong about our President but my head tells me otherwise.

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