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February 3, 2012

Art Laffer: Why Gingrich’s Tax Plan Beats Romney’s

Art Laffer, the architect of Ronald Regean’s economic plan, writes in today’s Wall Street Journal why Gingrich has a “significantly better” tax plan that Romney.

Ockham's Razor

Ockham’s razor, (the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness), is a principle that generally recommends that, from among competing hypotheses, selecting the one that makes the fewest new assumptions usually provides the correct one, and that the simplest explanation will be the most plausible until evidence is presented to prove it false.

If we judge both leading contenders in the Republican primary, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, by what they’ve done in life and by what they propose to do if elected, either one could be an excellent president. But when it comes to the election’s core issue—restoring a healthy economy—the key is a good tax plan and the ability to implement it.

Mr. Gingrich has a significantly better plan than does Mr. Romney, and he has twice before been instrumental in implementing a successful tax plan on a national level—once when he served in Congress as a Reagan supporter in the 1980s and again when he was President Clinton’s partner as speaker of the House of Representatives in the 1990s. During both of these periods the economy prospered incredibly—in good part because of Mr. Gingrich.

Jobs and wealth are created by those who are taxed, not by those who do the taxing. Government, by its very nature, doesn’t create resources but redistributes resources. To minimize the damages taxes cause the economy, the best way for government to raise revenue is a broad-based, low-rate flat tax that provides people and businesses with the fewest incentives to avoid or otherwise not report taxable income, and the least number of places where they can escape taxation. On these counts it doesn’t get any better than Mr. Gingrich’s optional 15% flat tax for individuals and his 12.5% flat tax for business. Each of these taxes has been tried and tested and found to be enormously successful.

Hong Kong, where there has been a 15% flat income tax on individuals since 1947, is truly a shining city on the hill and one of the most prosperous cities in history. Ireland’s 12.5% flat business income tax propelled the Emerald Isle out of two and a half centuries of poverty. Mr. Romney’s tax proposals—including eliminating the death tax, reducing the corporate tax rate to 25%, and extending the current tax rates on personal income, interest, dividends and capital gains—would be an improvement over those of President Obama, but they don’t have the boldness or internal integrity of Mr. Gingrich’s personal and business flat taxes.

When it comes to economic efficiency, nothing holds a candle to a low-rate, simple flat tax. As I explained in a op-ed on this page last spring (“The 30-Cent Tax Premium,” April 18), for every dollar of net income tax collected by the Internal Revenue Service, there is an additional 30¢ paid out of pocket by the taxpayers to maintain compliance with the tax code. Such inefficiency is outrageous. Mr. Gingrich’s flat taxes would go a lot further toward reducing these additional expenses than would Mr. Romney’s proposals.

Mr. Gingrich’s tax proposal is not revenue-neutral, nor should it be. If there’s one truism in fiscal policy, it’s this: Wasteful spending will always rise to the level of revenues. Whether you’re in Greece, Washington, D.C., or California, overspending is a prosperity killer of the first order. Mr. Gingrich’s flat tax proposals—along with his proposed balanced budget amendment—would put a quick stop to overspending and return America to fiscal soundness. No other candidate comes close to doing this.

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January 21, 2012

Gingrich the Media, Hollywood and Late-night Liberals

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Dick McDonald

The Republicans have four remaining candidates running to be the party’s standard bearer in the Presidential election in November.   To date the voters have been focusing on who could beat Obama and their clear choice to date has been Mitt Romney.  Fortunately the debates have clearly demonstrated who could beat the media, Hollywood, late-night liberal talk show hosts as well as Barack Obama  and that is Newt Gingrich.

It’s not even close. Republicans are facing a well-financed media blitz from Obama and that has to be countered. The media will pull no punches and attack the GOP anyway they can. The Letterman’s and Stewarts will spew their nightly propaganda.  Now who is best prepared to take them on?  Romney? Santorum? Paul?  We only can dream they could but they can’t.  Newt has been the candidate that Obama, the media and late-night talk should fear.

He doesn’t get standing ovations from Americans because Americans believe they have  a free unbiased press, a capitalist in the White House or an efficient government  He gets them because  he tells the truth with unerring accuracy with uncompromising conviction.  He has demonstrated the courage to take on the left wherever they exist.

All candidates are one-thousand times better than Obama.  However Santorum is four to eight years away from a serious run.  Ron Paul is way past prime time.  Mitt Romney would probably be a great President. Unfortunately Mitt is not the warrior Newt is.  Nor has Mitt been in the Washington wars. He is of and for business and the poster boy for the 1%.  He has too much baggage.

Newt may not be perfect but we know all his warts we have been privileged to see him eviscerate the media and Democrats with his oratory in the debates.  No one even comes close.  Vote Gingriche He

January 9, 2012

Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Perry are Anti-Free Market Hypocrites

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Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Perry are anti free market hypocrites.

by Jeffers M. Dodge 1-9-12

Anyone that attacks the Free Market is no friend of mine. Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich are hypocrites… they will have to promise to fire a lot of people (government workers) if they want to win my vote for the nominee. Rick Perry has promised the elimination of three departments. Newt’s reform package will end the jobs of 100s of thousands. I love Newts entitlement reform ideas but cannot stand compromising principles and hypocrisy when it comes to the most compassionate economic system the world has ever known….the free market.

January 1, 2012

Gingrich: Attorney General Eric Holder Wants to ‘Steal Elections’

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich blasted the Justice Department for blocking a South Carolina voter identification law and suggested the Obama administration wants to “steal elections.”

During a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the former House speaker questioned why Attorney General Eric Holder is “so determined not to identify if people are not eligible to vote”

Gingrich went on to say that, “you have to ask, why is it that they are desperate to retain the ability to steal elections and I think that’s what it comes down to.”

The Justice Department recently rejected South Carolina’s law requiring voters to show photo ID at polling places as discriminatory against minorities. Republicans argue stricter voter ID laws are needed to avert voter fraud.

The South Carolina primary is Jan. 21.

Gingrich’s once promising campaign has derailed over the last month, especially in key early caucus Iowa where frequent attack ads against Gingrich have sent the former Speaker of the House from first to fourth place in polls over the last month.

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