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February 2, 2012

NUGENT: Fast and Furious stinks

Ted Nugent

The United States of America has turned into bizarro land. Think of this: Our very own Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), under the direct guidance of the attorney general of the United States – America’s top cop, mind you – not only allowed, but encouraged American gun dealers to sell about 2,000 guns to known punks involved in the drug trade in order to trace the guns to Mexican drug cartels. If you think that’s unbelievably nuts, get a load of this: The suspected goons who bought the guns were not even placed under law enforcement surveillance.

This is analogous to the Drug Enforcement Administration knowingly allowing international dope pushers to sell heroin on American streets without placing the dope dealers under surveillance in hopes that somehow, some way, the dope pushers would enable the DEA to trace the heroin back to some dirty, cave-dwelling Afghan opium poppy farmer so we could then poison the farmer’s poppy fields. Wait a minute, let’s not give this crackpot administration any more loony ideas.

via NUGENT: Fast and Furious stinks – Washington Times.

October 16, 2011

How Did Obama Know About Fast and Furious Before Eric Holder?

Good question. CNN’s John King recently interviewed House Oversight Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings about Attorney General Eric Holder’s conflicting testimony regarding when he first knew about Operation Fast and Furious. After a subpoena was issued Wednesday to Holder from Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa, Cummings came out in a full court defense of Holder, calling the move “a political stunt” and “deep-sea fishing.”

via How Did Obama Know About Fast and Furious Before Eric Holder? – Katie Pavlich.

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