Goodbye America

Jeffers M. Dodge President & Editor of

Jeffers M. Dodge President & Editor of

This comment is derived from the book “Plundered: How Progressive Ideology Is Destroying America,” and is written for the rank and file Democrat that follow their leaders in the nation’s legislatures. A good video to watch before reading this comment was just posted to PopModal Videos and can be seen here.

A majority of the Democrat Party is controlled by Left Wing Progressives that cannot win arguments on merit alone to stay in, or accumulate power, they must “bully, denigrate, and vilify all opposition to win votes. This is why they must use their hard fought for platforms, such as classrooms, news media and entertainment to focus the nation on hatred – hatred of the Republicans, vitriolic hatred of the Tea Party, hatred of Wall Street, deep hatred of capitalism, hatred of the rich, (even so there are more rich socialist than successful Free Market Americans) hatred of the Constitution, hatred of the United States itself, hatred of anyone who disagrees with them. They claim they are the only real Americans, yet since when is hatred an American Value? Since when does America stand for intolerance? Since when is Marxism, or even socialism the foundation of American Economics? These are all anti-American characteristics, yet they, and their policies, are voted into office time after time.”

My question to the rank and file registered Democrats (and Republicans that voted for Obama) is why be so oblivious to these obvious facts. If you are Gay, why support the Democrat Party that supports the largest religious group in the world where the public hanging of gays is public policy? If you are a woman, why support the Democrat Party that supports the largest religious group in the world that oppresses women far more than America ever has? If you are a Black American, why support the Democrat Party that has actively worked throughout history to keep your community in slavery? If you are a decent person why do you support the Democrat party that cannot win any economic argument and depends on hate, propaganda, dirty tricks, and manipulation to win your support? The answer lies in ignorance and fear.

The majority of this country’s population are undereducated cult followers. Included in this group are people that actually desire dependency. These are the conditions that led to the French Revolution which was the most brutal of all revolutions. Even the Marxist’s 180,000,000 murders cannot hold a candle to the brutality of Maximilian Robespierre’s slaughter of 100,000 fellow citizens of France who disagreed with them. All these despots, including Barrack Obama, have one thing in common: they are inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau the single person that can be attributed to more political murder than any other person in history and his principles of fear.

It is my opinion that America has been lost to the ideology of Rousseau and to the greed of the dependent, and the greed of those who hold a legislative gun to the head of fellow citizens to confiscate their hard earned treasure once protected by the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Untied States of America.

Goodbye America, may the Christian God that created you live on in the souls of those that yearn to be free.

2 Comments to “Goodbye America”

  1. Agreed! However, we can’t continue to simply, though correctly, denigrate the Democrats for what they and we already know that is true about them.

    Nor can we any longer spend time analyzing to each other the power of the enemy…foreign and domestic.

    Our truthful rants about the socialist, Democrats, Marxist, et al, is like an athletic team loosing a game, but spends precious time time complaining about the “unfair” advantages that their opponents have over them as though it were wrong for them to win.

    Analyzing and booing the other team for their skills and resources and being mad at them for winning, will not win the losers the game.

    However, should that loosing team finally analyze and critiques itself, improve its skills, and develop a winning attitude, they will then win hands down, but not before. It is a bad example for the youths of the world.

    So it is with us Patriots.

    More than the enemy, it appears that GOD Who is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, the First Legal Document of the United States, is actually addressing us, not the enemy, by sending Biblical judgements upon our beloved country such as; wicked leadership, fiscal and financial crisis “cascades of cliffs”, civil and social upheavals, foreign invasion by criminal immigration, and Islamic Jihad incursions, natural disasters, etc, etc. see Central Figure in Declaration of Independence at this link

    If we are ever to find the “America” of our founding fathers dreams, then it behooves us Judaic-Christian Patriots, in the “one nation under GOD” society, to refocus our attention towards HIM and HIS orders for us, rather than that of the enemies.


    Agape-Shalom in Jerusalem, Blessed Bethlehem

  2. The real problem at least in California is that American history is not taught until the senior year. I was told this by one of my granddaughters teachers at Yuba City high school I was discussing it with a young clerk at Bed Bath and Beyond who plans to be a teacher who told me that she voted for the first time before taking any course in civics or American history.. I had American history or civics or related subject matter talk to me, as I recall, from grades one on every year.

    That’s where the progressives are and that’s where we need to eradicate them.

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