Open Letter to Democrats: Truth Hurts

by Edwin R Williams

seek_truthI’m sure you are all sick of reading this stuff, but if I stop speaking out against socialism I will have no right to complain when it takes over our nation. I have to mention that so many of you have taken the lies of the socialist left as fact without doing a minute of independent research. In the 1970’s when nobody had convenient access to information, it was understandable how lies, rumors and

misconceptions were able to flourish. Today, however you have the power to research at your fingertips, but still you refuse. So, I have a few points to make before you continue on with your downloads of increasingly shameful pornography and meme’s of cats.

Things you know that just aren’t so…

1. Socialism doesn’t work on paper, in theory or in fact. It never has and it never will.

2. The Democrat and Republican Parties never “switched” agendas. It’s a boldfaced lie perpetuated by Democrats trying to explain their racist past. However, the Democratic Party did change direction in 1968 during the convention, the Republican Party never did and has the same basic platform since it was formed to abolish slavery and give women the right to vote.

3. The mentality of “By any means” of the left does not excuse them from lying. If you have to lie to further your agenda, you are still a liar and you don’t deserve the trust of the American people.

4. Just because you like to do drugs, doesn’t make you a Libertarian. Libertarians believe in the most freedom for the most people. No nanny laws, restrictions on firearms, oppressive taxation, prohibitions, unions or government regulations of business. The absolute opposite of Libertarianism is Socialism.

5. Unions are not the champions of the workers. Workers do and should have the right to bargain collectively, but international unions using thug tactics and supporting political parties are in opposition to freedom, not support of it. Businesses are not allowed to ban together to further their interests, labor should not be allowed either.

6. If you support President Obama without reading his book “Dreams of my Father”, you are a fool. Just like every other totalitarian Socialist of the past, Obama has clearly laid out what sort of sociopathic asshole he is. If you don’t read it, you are a “useful Idiot”.

7. Despite his promise of transparency, the Obama Whitehouse has been the most secretive and least transparent administration since Roosevelt. He has abused his power to punish political enemies and hide his past, a situation you would never tolerate from a Republican.

8. Roosevelt didn’t save us from the great depression, he caused it to perpetuate. It was war that caused America to recover from the failed policies and destructive socialism of the progressive Democrats of the 1930’s.

9. It’s not Bush’s fault. Stop allowing a pretentious liar to blame one person for a complicated mess that the former Democratic Congress and Senate had much more to do with than former President Bush. Remember, the Constitution doesn’t allow a President to spend money, that’s Congresses job.

10. Welfare, abortion and affirmative action have done more damage to the Black community than any other factors (including racism). Instead of assimilating and becoming one nation, we still have major divides between races that are the direct result of “special treatment” and the assumption that Blacks aren’t equal to Whites. These policies have destroyed Black families and have turned generations of Black men into self-centered narcissists.

Now you can look into what I have written here, or you can dismiss it as the ravings of a lunatic. The problem comes with the knowledge that I am not insane and that I am still willing to listen. Many of the people on the right have stopped listening, stopped debating and are simply preparing for the worst. No matter what path you take, you can’t say you weren’t told.

3 Comments to “Open Letter to Democrats: Truth Hurts”

  1. Edwin, I agree with every sentence except this one in #5 “…Workers do and should have the right to bargain collectively.”

    I agree that private sectors should have this right. I don’t agree that government workers should. It is immoral for government unions (such as teachers unions) to elect politicians favorable to the union cause, and then sit across from the collective bargaining table from them and negotiate very favorable employment contracts in a perpetual symbiotic relationship. Those are temporary politicians, but their promises inflict permanent fiscal damage on the taxpayers. Private business can go bankrupt if poor decisions are made regarding concessions to unions, but governments just raise taxes or keep high taxes year after year to try to keep lavish pension and retirement medical insurance promises. It’s utterly wrong in every ethical and moral way, yet it persists because of the power at stake (union power, Democratic party power).

    – Jeff

  2. Your article was really well written….for intelligent people. Here is the simple truth about Democrats (from a Democrat), we only vote for the person with a (D) behind their name because, “Fox news lies and Republicans are evil.”
    If John McCain was running as a Dem and Obama was running as a Rep, John McCain would have won in 2008. Clearly, Obama is an anti-american lying fraud, but won in 2008 because the media destroyed George W. Bush as a dangerous idiot and the media helped brainwash even some Republicans with Obama’s “Hope and Change.” By chance, we saw through Obama (and the media) and voted for McCain and Romney (and everyone with a (R) behind their name). As long as the media keeps telling people (Democrats) what to think and how to vote, we’ll continue to watch our country go down in ashes. It’s the media and if we could, we should file a class action suit to sue the media for destroying our economy, and causing mental anguish. Let’s keep up the fight. Thank you.

  3. I think it should be noted that there are actually many, many ways that businesses “band together to further their interests”. Obvious organizations include: Chambers of commerce, American Legislative Exchange Council, and the hundreds of industry-specific organizations that work to further the interests of all businesses in that industry.

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