Workers and the Job Creators « The USA Plan

Since the beginning of time no government has ever has ever allowed their workers to achieve financial independence. They have never legislated a way to do that.  In 1776 that limitation was partially lifted.  America created the world’s first democracy and introduced the opportunity for anyone to become financially independent.  That opportunity created a new class of people called job creators.

No history lesson is needed here. A free market society naturally pits the job creator against the worker.  The cost of workers affects the bottom line of the job creator therefore his shareholders, bankers, creditors look to him to keep the cost of workers as low as possible to maintain his profitability and stability. This has naturally created class warfare between the job creators many of whom have achieved financial independence and workers who mostly haven’t.

Today a great debate is going on in America about everything except the real missing link – how to help workers achieve financial independence. Everyone is too busy just surviving shrinking income and wealth, joblessness and economic stagnation. Everyone is screaming at each other about which political party has a plan to just get America back on a stable and sustainable economic path and create millions of jobs. Continue reading via Workers and the Job Creators « The USA Plan.

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