The Results of Obama’s Hope and Change

Those that voted for Obama did not realize that when you voted for Hope & Change you were voting for the hope that he would leave you with some change… in your pocket. How did that work out for you?

  • Unemployment still in double digits and worsening
  • 80% of college grads cannot find work in chosen profession
  • Over 40% of Americans now on federal assistance (an all-time high)
  • National debt UP 60% since taking office (over $16 trillion)
  • An 84% failure rate on “green” taxpayer investments that most taxpayers opposed
  • Average American income DOWN over $4000 per year
  • Home values still DOWN more than 30% nationally
  • Businesses are closing and investors are leaving America
  • Obama has sent more jobs overseas than all of the last five presidents combined

Inflation is the most punishing tax of all – printing and borrowing 42 cents for every dollar the government spends is suicidal.

  • Cost of gas UP 137%
  • Cost of potatoes UP 306%
  • Cost of butter and coffee UP more than 150%
  • Beef, milk and flour UP more than 100%
  • Eggs and rice UP over 70%


2 Comments to “The Results of Obama’s Hope and Change”

  1. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    Some noteworthy figures to note before the elections.

  2. Kids out of high school were simply told, your life will open up to a great career after college! But no one bothered to tell them to major in something practical for the working world, and then minoring in what they were interested in. This country has been messed up DECADES before Obama took the reigns. If you want change, it ain’t gonna happen with the President. We’re a shitty nation because WE made shitty decisions. WE. As a people. Want a better America? Change starts with the individual. Not with some esoteric popularity contest based on donkeys and elephants.

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