Sugar High Economics & Keynesian Distortions

Did you know every time Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke “Eases Monetary Policy” what he and the Keynesians are doing is taking money right out of your savings accounts and paychecks and pumping up commodity prices and the stock market. This is called Sugar High Economics and its only purpose is to stimulate the economy of the Federal Government, not the American Private Sector Economy.


The Keynesians are those economists that are called upon by the federal government to back up,  justify and rationalize their economic policies such as printing, borrowing and taxing in such a way as to convince the public that this is the right thing to do. In reality it makes them rich by transferring wealth from the workers, savers and entrepreneurs, to the financial wizards and politicians that have control of our legislation and the printing presses.

The Freemarketeers are economists that exist in the reality outside of Washington that claim smaller government is the only way to minimize cronyism, special interests and corruption that naturally exists between the establishment politicians and their rich friends that contribute to their campaigns. This “Keynesian Distortion” sucks capital out of the private sector and inhibits job growth.

Which one are you? If you are a FreeMarketeer then please join us at the Wake Up America 2012 Rally at the West Los Angeles Federal Building Oct 7 at 2pm. Dennis Prager, Stephen Bannon, Bill Whittle, Mark Meckler, AlfonZo Rachel, and Ted Hayes (who will be telling the story of the Republican Party and what it has for the American Culture.) will be speaking on behalf of America, its families, workers, savers and entrepreneurs.

Special musical guest Madison Rising will be performing their hit version of the Star Spangled Banner. It is the second best rendition next to Jimi Hendrix and WILL send that tingling feeling of patriotism up the back of your leg.

Wake Up America! 20012 Rally


Donate to the event and get free stuff!

See Madison Rising’s version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Buy their CD and T-Shirt here

One Comment to “Sugar High Economics & Keynesian Distortions”

  1. vote NO in November….vote the present group out…

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