Why Keynesianism is so Popular


John Maynard Keynes

The reason why Keynesianism is so popular is because it appeals to envy (destroy the rich) and jealousy (steal from the rich). It appeals to the deep-seated desire of a man who is not highly productive to vote into office someone who will send out officials with badges and guns to steal the wealth of the most productive members of society. Keynes offered the voters what they wanted, and he offered the politicians what they wanted.

This is why it is virtually impossible today for the conservative movement to triumph over the Keynesians. Keynesian envy is in the hearts and minds of virtually all the voters, and that includes the Tea Party people. Keynesianism is almost universal, and Keynesian Tea Party members who think they are free marketers are in fact defenders of people with guns and badges who are out to steal from the productive members of society.

I have no idea how this is going to be reversed, other than the preaching of pastors against envy and jealousy, which pastors do not have the courage to do, because they have pro-Keynesian members of the congregation. We rarely hear sermons on the great evil of envy: the desire to pull down a superior. I cannot remember even one. We do hear sermons against covetousness, but never in the context of the welfare state.

Keynesianism has burdened the conservative movement ever since the mid-1940s. It is why there are so few Austrian economists. The built-in Keynesianism of modern social philosophy is almost universal: “Blame the rich!” That is why a reform of the present system, apart from complete bankruptcy of the federal government, is unlikely.

John Maynard Keynes gave the public what it wanted. Voters want a justification for stealing the wealth of rich people who got rich through their own productivity.

The envy and jealousy of the masses against the productive members of society who have given society most of its wealth is so widespread that we cannot reverse the modern welfare state. The voters want their goodies, and they are going to elect politicians who promise to give them these goodies at somebody else’s expense. The voters will be disappointed. They are going to get what they deserve good and hard.

This is a matter of ethics. There are rival laws at stake. One is this: “Thou shalt not steal.” The other is this: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.” Keynes is the premier economist of the second position.

via Krugmans Clones: Conservatives Who Hate the Free Market and Hate the Rich Even More.

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