Hollywood & Politics: Ann Coulter on Why America Hates Hollywood

Ann Coulter

Americans love movies and would like to love Hollywood, but I suspect they are getting a little sick of Hollywood hating them.

By “them,” I mean:

► Southerners (as portrayed in A Time to Kill, Deliverance, Easy Rider, Talladega Nights, Pulp Fiction, Raising Arizona and Law & Order)

► Residents of small towns, except the Hamptons and Malibu (Footloose, The Last Seduction, Pleasantville and Law & Order)

► Christians (The Virgin Suicides, Easy A, Seven, Straw Dogs, Carrie and Law & Order)

► Connecticut WASPs or their equivalent (Ordinary People, Far From Heaven, Caddyshack, Trading Places, The Ice Storm, every single movie on “Lifetime: TV for Women” and Law & Order)

► Priests (Primal Fear, Stigmata, Priest, Godfather III and Law & Order)

► Conservative politicians (The Contender, Good Night, and Good Luck, The West Wing, any movie by Oliver Stone and Law & Order)

► The rich — but never rich trial lawyers, rich environmentalists, rich educators or rich-off-the-taxpayer politicians (Titanic, Sleeping With the Enemy, Wall Street and Law & Order)

► Businessmen (Erin Brockovich, A Civil Action, The Insider, Silkwood, Michael Clayton, every John Grisham adaptation, even The Muppets, where they reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon! And Law & Order).

Southerners are dumb hicks, presumptively Klanners. Residents of small towns are narrow-minded xenophobes, presumptively Klanners. Christians are hypocrites and anti-everything (even dancing!), presumptively Klanners. Businessmen are cheating, soulless vermin, presumptively Klanners (unless they are in a Hollywood-approved business like making solar panels). And Connecticut WASPs are dull, sexually neurotic snobs who beat their wives and molest their daughters. Presumptively Klanners.

via Hollywood & Politics: Ann Coulter on Why America Hates Hollywood (Opinion) – The Hollywood Reporter.

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