Personalize Social Security And Help Make The Poor Rich.

Why do all these members of Congress including the Progressive Caucus, every private and public sector union, AARP, Obama, Clinton, Gore, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, etc., and all pension plans invest in the U.S. stock market? Because it represents the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit of American business, the most dependable wealth builders in the history of mankind. It may have its ups and downs but it always comes back.

Ask yourself why all these people are so bent on YOU not having a piece of the American Pie? Answer. Because they are afraid you will become independently wealthy and no longer be subject to government dependency.

Join the 150 million other Americans who invest in America by investing in the U.S. Stock Market. Start your own Social Security fund by investing in America – Email me and find out how.

Jeffers M. Dodge (313)444-2704

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