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April 25, 2012

How to kill the Marxists influence in American Society in one fell swoop.

By Jeffers M. Dodge

Jeffers M. Dodge President & Editor of

The Left spent 1/2 billion dollars 1n 1995 to defeat Georg W. Bush’s proposal to personalize Social Security. They spent 100s of millions not to argue the merits to their alternate proposals to reform, which they had none, but to smear Bush and anyone that threatened, what I believe, is their fundamental source of survival. Personal accounts would save the government 100 trillion dollars in the next 20 years, reduce the size of government by 1/2, generate wealth for 100s of millions of people world wide, and significantly reduce poverty and crime through better education and private healthcare choices. The Left will have none of that.

The following video demonstrates the chaos that is the curent Social Security and MediCare Systems. This kind of crisis is motive force that sustains the Marist beast that is overwhelming our society.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NOTE: This election is the pivot point for the future of Social Security and MediCare and hence America. We are on a fast track to financial collapse due to the inaction of the Left who control the Senate and the Presidency. This is by design. To do nothing is to throw the civilized world into an economic depression where millions will die and a one world Marxist government will emerge with Barack Obama as the supreme leader. You think I am joking don’t you…. Just remember this one fact. 95% of all public employees that are going to be counting the votes in November 2012 are registered democrats and under the control of Public Employee’s Unions that have the most to lose if Romney wins. I hate to be so pessimistic, but I have run for office here in California and have seen how they cheat as they count the votes.

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