The Destructive Greed of Socialism vs The Constructive Self-Interests of the Free Market.

by Jeffers M. Dodge

Jeffers M. Dodge President & Editor of

Do you trust me? Are you and I friends? Can you honestly say that because I am a Conservative I want to hurt people by denying them, through taxation, a portion of my property, knowledge or services? Would you deny that making people less uncomfortable in their poverty makes them less likely to succeed?

What if I told you that I have facts that would support my conclusion that President “The One” Obama is purposefully creating an economic environment that forces people to become dependent on Big Government by manipulating fuel prices, healthcare, banking and national security?

Well, that’s what he is doing. Higher taxes, higher health costs for business, more regulations on banking, a dramatic decrease in future oil production on federal land, which has led to speculators driving up the price of fuel oil, all contribute to higher costs for basic necessities. This translates to more middle class families slipping into poverty than any time in history.

‘The One’ has a vision of transforming America to a country that has no economic classes only where the rich is transformed into the enlightened and the poor into their disciples. (a modern euphemism for salves)

In order to accomplish this he first must determine which segments of the government he can mostly control without too much interference from the courts, congress and that out of date document; the Constitution. I speculate that the economy, healthcare, defense, entitlements and the election process are his tools of choice to achieve this great society that will forever be attributed to The One. He also needs to build a set of national collations to help him get elected. I speculate, without to much brain power, that teachers, professors, state employees, artists, actors, entertainment producers and directors, the poor and the Hispanics and blacks will align themselves with the give-me-mine mentality of Barack Obama.

The economy can be controlled by regulations, stealthy cloaked by ObamaCare (Health and Human behavior), Dodd/Frank (Banks and Human Behavior) and Cap and Trade (Energy and Human Behavior). Our military can be used to move against domestic terrorist (Tea Partiers, Veterans and Christians) and get rid of his international tyrannical competition, such as Kaddafi, Mubarak and the new comer Assad, all multi multi billionaires that can influence outcomes that are not desirous by The One. The presidential election campaigns can be influenced by kickbacks from his cronies in the form of campaign contribution by his selective bailouts and stimulus initiatives. And none of this would work without the foundation of the entire world-class utopia movement – the United States entitlement scheme.

In the end The One cannot win on his record, or the merits of his political positions. The only way he can win is by divide and conquer with envy and jealousy, demonization and distortions, lies and innuendos, and a great smile, charm and charisma. If he does it will be the final victory for the world wide socialist movement led by a few wealthy intellectuals who think that they can prove history wrong and bring Utopia to the world.

I define Socialism as the epitome of destructive greed as opposed to the invisible hand of the free market, which is the epitome of constructive self-interest.

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