The Obama Election Campaign Strategy on Energy Prices as expressed by Joe Biden.

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Jeffers M. Dodge President & Editor of

by Jeffers M. Dodge April 4, 2012

In an interview with WAVY News in Norfolk VA, Vice President Joe Biden discusses Obama’s Election Energy Plan by taking credit for things Obama was not responsible for and by blaming high oil prices on Muslim Brotherhood instability that he is responsible for.

Biden claims that we are importing less foreign oil than ever before. This is because nobody is driving. There are two reasons for this: The Obama economy is so bad nobody can afford the cost of a gallon of Obama Oil that has doubled since he has come into office.

Biden claims we are producing more oil than ever before. There are two reasons for this; the first of which is because of George Bush. There was net increase in oil drilling permits approved under his administration designed to maintain a stable economy with minimal government interference and, secondly, because of new extraction technology that is getting a lot more oil and gas out of private lands Obama cannot control. Obama has had a net decrease in the approval of permits and is responsible for the closure of 1 in 5 coal fired energy plants in America. This is a fulfillment of his campaign promise to increase the price of energy with the objective to increase poverty that will create more dependent voters for his big government administration.

Biden claims we have doubled the mileage of the automobile by making them smaller, lighter and weaker resulting in more deaths from accidents in small cars in history. This is the unintended consequence of an out of control, economically destructive EPA that has become an election tool of the Democrat Party.

Biden claims we have instability in the Arab world. This is due exclusively to Obama’s weak, appeasing foreign policy as it pertains to the rise of his kindred Muslim Brotherhood, his hatred for Israel and Iran’s nuclear ambitions. All designed to drive up the futures markets for oil. Normal Americans would conclude that the best way to off set this would be to encourage domestic oil production including lifting the Obama Moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, Alaska and the Keystone Pipeline.

There is another major reason for the high price of a gallon of Obama Gas. Oil prices are pegged to the value of the dollar, which has been getting considerably weaker due to the incredible amount of inflation as a result of Obama’s printing, taxing and borrowing fiscal policies.

Biden suggest that instead of giving tax incentives to American oil exploration companies that risk their own capital to produce more oil to keep this economy stable and independent from Muslim Brotherhood owned oil, we should allow Obama to learn how to become a venture capitalist and investment banker just like his very successful opponent Mitt Romney. So far, Obama has risked and lost billions of tax payer’s money on alternative energy firms owned by his campaign donors. He has never succeeded on his investments with taxpayer’s money. Question for the Constitutional Scholars; since when did the U.S. Constitution give the President that kind of power? Shouldn’t Obama, who is a Constitutional Scholar, know this?

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