Red Racing Horses Analysis:: Congressional Candidates Sherman, Berman & Reed in CA’s West San Fernando Valley


Fun fun fun. There are actually three Democrats here, Congressman Howard Berman, Congressman Brad Sherman, and Vince Gilmore, along with three Republicans, Mark Reed, Susan Shelley, and Navraj Singh. Throw in a Green, Michael Powelson, and there’s potential chaos. The Democrats can expect to divide up about 58% of the vote, while the Republicans should get around 40%. If Mark Reed is a strong candidate he should easily get the 30% he needs to advance. So the two Democratic congressmen need to go hard here.

If Reed gets that 30%, then one of the congressmen will win in June and can coast in November. If Reed is denied that 30%, and instead gets 23-25%, then both Sherman and Berman could advance. The Democrats can’t count on that happening, so they need to go hard in June.

Whoever is leading will want Reed to do well and ensure that easy race. Whoever is losing will want Shelley to take a lot of votes from Reed, so that he’ll have another shot. Do the Democrats try to determine the Republican race or ignore it and go all out?

I’m going to predict both Brad Sherman and Mark Reed get over 30% and go to November.

via Red Racing Horses:: California Qualified Candidate Analysis CDs 27-53.

One Comment to “Red Racing Horses Analysis:: Congressional Candidates Sherman, Berman & Reed in CA’s West San Fernando Valley”

  1. Reed is the strong front runner in this race, proven by over a hundred & fifty endorsements. Reed has been endorsed by the L.A. County and Ventura County Republican party. He has been endorsed by the California Congress of Republicans, Michael Reagan and U.N.Ambassador John Bolton etc….See endorsement list at Shelley has no support and recently exposed her desperation by releasing fallacious attacks on Reed’s character. These attacks are laced with lies and misleading information on issues dating back 24 years. She has no grasp on the issues both domestic and foreign. Singh has lost four elections in a row by landslide margins. Howard Berman has also shown his desperation by lying about Republican Michael Antonvich’s endorsement, how many more lies is Berman telling us? see report on Reed’s website. Four polls have been taken and Reed is in a strong second place. One thing is for sure, this is California’s first open primary and we can expect fraud and corruption, lies and deceits by these two Democrats and Shelley who, until recently, was a registered Democrat. Reed will win!!!!

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