The Pill is a Taxing Matter

The Pill is a Taxing Matter

Dick McDonald

I must admit I have paid little attention over the years to the condom-pill and birth control issues. So it was a great awaking when the current flap came to light.  I saw a 30-year old Georgetown law student advocating for the university to supply her with birth control pills free of charge.  Later I heard Debbie Wasserman Schultz claim that the birth control pill is an expensive $3,000 a year issue.

It came as quite a shock that government and insurance companies were involved. In my day it was an private matter handled by the individual. I knew there were debates on it I just didn’t pay much attention.

Hearing more about it I learned that Obamacare mandates that insurance companies must supply women with free birth control pills.  As a mandate transfers the insurance company obligation from – a risk they can refuse to cover to one they have no choice but must cover – it changes the nature of the cost to that of an indirect tax imposed by Congress.

Rather than get exercised over a new tax or my lack of knowledge on the subject I first called my Rite Aid pharmacy to check on a few things. First of all they asked if I had insurance.  My antenna immediately went up only to find out that most health insurance policies already cover birth control pills.

Needless to say I realized that if insurance already covered it why didn’t a $3,000 a year bill or $250 a month “tax” raise some public concerns before. The pharmacist had the answer.  She had generic birth control pills that ran about $30 a month or $360 a year not $3,000.  Further almost all women bought the generic passing up the brands which cost up to $113 month.

So on Sunday Talk this morning we get treated to 2 ½ hours reviewing Rush Limbaughs’ obvious delight that a 30-year law student had such an active sex life.  Of course he couldn’t leave it at that and called her a slut. Apparently six sponsors dropped him immediately.

Unfortunately he also assisted the Democrats in deflecting this week’s national dialog from Obama’s failing economy and tragic reduction in job-creating startups to what turns out to be a non-issue.

We can look to more episodes of deflections like that from the Democrats.  Wait until their Hollywood screen writers wade into the 185 welfare programs.  This birth control pill flap will look like sand box stuff.

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