The New Blacklist by Pat Buchanan on – A Syndicate Of Talent

My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end.

After 10 enjoyable years, I am departing, after an incessant clamor from the left that to permit me continued access to the microphones of MSNBC would be an outrage against decency, and dangerous.

The calls for my firing began almost immediately with the Oct. 18 publication of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”

A group called Color of Change, whose mission statement says that it “exists to strengthen Black America’s political voice,” claimed that my book espouses a “white supremacist ideology.” Color of Change took particular umbrage at the title of Chapter 4, “The End of White America.”

Media Matters parroted the party line: He has blasphemed!

A Human Rights Campaign that bills itself as America’s leading voice for lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgendered people said that Buchanan’s “extremist ideas are incredibly harmful to millions of LBGT people around the world.”

Their rage was triggered by a remark to NPR’s Diane Rehm — that I believe homosexual acts to be “unnatural and immoral.”

On Nov. 2, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, who has sought to have me censored for 22 years, piled on.

“Buchanan has shown himself, time and again, to be a racist and an anti-Semite,” said Foxman. Buchanan “bemoans the destruction of white Christian America” and says America’s shrinking Jewish population is due to the “collective decision of Jews themselves.”

Well, yes, I do bemoan what Newsweek’s 2009 cover called “The Decline and Fall of Christian America” and editor Jon Meacham described as “The End of Christian America.” After all, I am a Christian.

And what else explains the shrinkage of the U.S. Jewish population by 6 percent in the 1990s and its projected decline by another 50 percent by 2050, if not the “collective decision of Jews themselves”?

Let error be tolerated, said Thomas Jefferson, “so long as reason is left free to combat it.” What Foxman and ADL are about in demanding that my voice be silenced is, in the Jeffersonian sense, intrinsically un-American.

Consider what it is these people are saying.

They are saying that a respected publisher, St. Martin’s, colluded with me to produce a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic book, and CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN, Fox Business News and the 150 radio shows on which I appeared failed to detect its evil and helped to promote a moral atrocity.

If my book is racist and anti-Semitic, how did Sean Hannity, Erin Burnett, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Megyn Kelly, Lou Dobbs and Ralph Nader miss that? How did Charles Payne, African-American host on Fox radio, who has interviewed me three times, fail to detect its racism?

How did Michael Medved miss its anti-Semitism?

In a 2009 cover story in the Atlantic, “The End of White America?” from which my chapter title was taken, professor Hua Hsu revels in the passing of America’s white majority.

via The New Blacklist by Pat Buchanan on – A Syndicate Of Talent.

One Comment to “The New Blacklist by Pat Buchanan on – A Syndicate Of Talent”

  1. —-Rockefeller front CNP member Pat Buchanan remains KEY
    to pitching right angle smoke and mirrors during this, the FINAL
    phase, of the CFR—RED China handover and takedown op.

    His thorough, though selective, scholarship aside, one can not
    help noticing Buchanan acts the RED China apologist whenever
    he can —even as he pitches Tibet –Korea –Taiwan and even
    Japan under the bus.

    We might even let this slide if it weren’t for the stated aims of
    the long term Globalist agenda —American takedown —-RED China
    being hoisted to ‘Model for the World’ –and FINAL police state EUGENICS

    He has made NO issue of RED China being given huge port
    facilities on BOTH coasts –including inland ports –and the Panama Canal.

    He has made nothing of the VAST transfer of American tech, even
    military tech, to the Globalist engineered RED China ‘mere–ICK–CULL’

    He has mad e nothing, indeed, hasn’t even mentioned that ‘first
    of many’ RED China ‘sovereignty zones’ –some 50 square miles
    near Boise.

    To this day Buchanan remains unrepentant in regards to the
    lethal CFR–Nixon–MAO Summit and handover.

    Buchanan is —NOT— to be trusted in this, the 11th hour of
    the CFR handover and takedown op.


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