Frightened Republicans Imploding

Privatize Social Security "Make the Poor Wealthy"

Privatize Social Security "Make the Poor Wealthy"

by Dick McDonald

Fearing opposing cutting taxes and dependency benefits going into a Presidential election Congressional Republicans this week extended the payroll tax cut for the rest of 2012, extended unemployment benefits, stopped Medicare cuts and bent over and took it in the shorts by allowing Democrats to not pay for any of it. So much for the Tea Party revolution, for Conservative values – they are but a distant memory of headier times in 2010.

Now you think Republicans are waffling now, just wait until the Obama fear train starts rolling.  Obama has 185 welfare and dependency programs he will tell you the heartless Republicans will kill. He will trumpet from his bully pulpit that the greedy 1% that the Republicans are protecting don’t care if you are penniless and destitute as long as they can pay 15% in income taxes, have you pay 30% and  live the high life.

Oh I love to hear Republicans howl over how they will bury Obama and Senate Democrats with no plausible plan other than the “death by the sword” draconian cuts to the dependency state.  Folks it’s fun to watch FOX but let’s wake up. When people walk into the voting booth they throw away beliefs and principles and vote their pocketbook.

That is why Congressional Republicans just lost a game of “chicken” to the Democrats. They realize the effect it would have on pocketbook voters.  So what is your answer Republicans?  Waffling Mitt? Saint Santorum? No it is not our Presidential candidate – it is what he is going to do for everyday Americans.  As it stands today that is bumpkus

And don’t give me this drivel about “trickle down” and how the job creators are going to save us. Hell they don’t have $2 trillion of new capital to invest in creating new jobs. And even if they did that would only last for a year. We need new significant new capital each and every year to extricate us from the disaster the Congress has visited upon us.

To create jobs we can’t continue to commit socialist suicide spending borrowed and printed money.  A government can’t spend us into prosperity. They are lousy “investors.” They are in the confiscation business not the investing business.

The American people on the other hand are great investors who have created the world’s most successful and vibrant economy.  Why not let the people use part of their income each year to invest in themselves by investing in the economy? At a trillion a year- each year into the future – the economy would grow faster than the phony Chinese rate. Tens of millions of jobs would be created every couple of years to the point we would be begging the Mexicans to come back to America.

Now you ask where are the American people going to get a trillion dollars of new capital each year to invest in the economy.  The answer is right on your weekly paycheck. They are called payroll taxes and they amount to about a trillion a year. Those taxes put into a personal investment account each taxpayer owns which is immediately invested in the stock market for their working life will not only solve the jobs problem but solve the income equality problem by making every worker and his family millionaires at retirement.

Oh we can afford to pay out the old Social Security and Medicare system beneficiaries too. Hell that would only have been three trillion in the last three years when Obama ran up five trillion of unnecessary debt and saddled our children with it. In three years increased income taxes on a fast growing economy will pay off much of the legacy entitlements.

Conferring wealth on Americans will remedy so many of the country’s and the people’s ills.  See here for a complete analysis.

Republicans must either start throwing carrots at the voters or expect Democrats and the American people to ride you out of town on a rail.

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