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February 20, 2012

Obama: an Alinsky-trained shakedown artist & the Treasury of the United States

Why does Obama hide the truth about himself?

Barack Obama is not only the country’s first black president, but historically, he’s the first community organizer president.  As suggested in a previous article, when the richest and most powerful nation in the world allows an Alinsky-trained shakedown artist access to its Treasury, bad things happen.

It’s safe to say our president didn’t learn the fine arts of running a charity bake sale while working as a community organizer in Chicago. The sweet-talking Obama first cut his teeth as a radical foot soldier shlepping for the Developing Communities Project, an organization set-up to transform black churches into left-wing political organs. The task would require the impressive skill of being able to out-sermonize preachers and to devilishly tempt the faithful into trading heavenly worship for radical agitation.

While Obama was schmoozing sermonizers in the projects, among them the vulgar jeremiad-spewing Reverend Wright, he crossed paths with the militant Associations of Community Organizing for Reform Now (ACORN), a sprawling network of thousands of leftists. A bromance was born.

The amount of disinformation regarding Obama’s early years with ACORN is daunting.  Article after article deny the president had any serious contact with ACORN, which was picked up as a ready-made meme by the same seedy outlets that shamelessly promoted Obama during his 2008 election campaign.

Pathetically, Obama’s own pilloried website “Fight the Smears” (the old “Attack Watch,” which is now the old “Truth Team“) brazenly claimed “Barack Obama never organized with ACORN.”  Understandable claim, given the formally de-funded ACORN’s scandalous record. But it is also untrue.

So what happened, if we might depart from the official narrative of the Ministry of Truth?

via ACORN II: A Radical Takes Root « Beat Obama.

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