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January 21, 2012

Gingrich the Media, Hollywood and Late-night Liberals

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Dick McDonald

The Republicans have four remaining candidates running to be the party’s standard bearer in the Presidential election in November.   To date the voters have been focusing on who could beat Obama and their clear choice to date has been Mitt Romney.  Fortunately the debates have clearly demonstrated who could beat the media, Hollywood, late-night liberal talk show hosts as well as Barack Obama  and that is Newt Gingrich.

It’s not even close. Republicans are facing a well-financed media blitz from Obama and that has to be countered. The media will pull no punches and attack the GOP anyway they can. The Letterman’s and Stewarts will spew their nightly propaganda.  Now who is best prepared to take them on?  Romney? Santorum? Paul?  We only can dream they could but they can’t.  Newt has been the candidate that Obama, the media and late-night talk should fear.

He doesn’t get standing ovations from Americans because Americans believe they have  a free unbiased press, a capitalist in the White House or an efficient government  He gets them because  he tells the truth with unerring accuracy with uncompromising conviction.  He has demonstrated the courage to take on the left wherever they exist.

All candidates are one-thousand times better than Obama.  However Santorum is four to eight years away from a serious run.  Ron Paul is way past prime time.  Mitt Romney would probably be a great President. Unfortunately Mitt is not the warrior Newt is.  Nor has Mitt been in the Washington wars. He is of and for business and the poster boy for the 1%.  He has too much baggage.

Newt may not be perfect but we know all his warts we have been privileged to see him eviscerate the media and Democrats with his oratory in the debates.  No one even comes close.  Vote Gingriche He

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