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January 17, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden Set To Visit ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’

by Jeffers M. Dodge January 17, 2012

On Monday, January 23,  “American Idol” host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest“ will welcome special guest Vice President Joe Biden. 

Joe will  answer questions submitted by college students, according to an announcement online. The veep will be on at 7 am PST.

After examining Seacrest’s website I noticed he leans a little to the Left however, Seacrest tweeted on Tuesday: “Throughout 2012, I’m welcoming political leaders from all points of the spectrum.”

Here are my hard core Real American Idol questions:

Ask him why tuition is so high? Ask him about the relationship between the college administer using the knowledge that Big Government guarantees any increase in tuition that it gets from student loans as long as the college tows the line in regards to the Liberal ideology. Have you ever wondered why teachers, professors and administrators are mostly Liberal and less than 5% are Conservative? Tuition is high because wages and benefits are paid indirectly through the government and no set by Free Market competition.

Ask him who is more likely to vote to reelect he and Obama: Private sector employees or government workers? Ask him the relationship between Big Government and Poverty? Or in other words, who is most likely to vote for he and Obama, the poor, who are dependent on Big Government welfare, or workers who are sick and tired of being taxed too much? Ask him why there are less jobs when he and Obama came into office and contrast that to when Bush was president during most of his term the country was ‘fully employed”? (Until the Democrats took over congress.)

Ask Joe about the 12 million illegal immigrants that live in the shadow economy and how they contribute to the income disparity that is the cause célèbre. Ask him how many government services they receive and who they would vote for and why. He will drop the word ‘illegal’ and tell you that Republicans hate immigrants not ‘illegal’.

Ask him about the Public Employee Union Bosses who after “taxing” the rank and file contributes their money to the ‘Democrat in the race’ knowing that once in office the Donkey will do anything for the Unions including legislating pay hikes despite the fact that the wages and perks are higher than the average private sector equivalent and they have bankrupted the treasury of many municipalities run by Democrats.

Before you interview him, research solutions given by the Republican candidates and ask him to contrast Obama’s solutions to the same issues. Listen carefully to his answer. He will not address the question directly; he will instead besmirch the Republican Party as a whole or personally attack the front-runner in particular. He will never argue the merits of their ideas and he will never give you an alternative solution unless it is a solution that the Republicans have already introduced. This is because Obama does not have solutions that make sense to the average person. I am talking common sense solutions that don’t take extreme verbal acrobatics and 1000 words to explain. No, Biden will only tell you about how Republicans are going to end Medicare, food stamps and all the programs designed by the Left to enslave the poor, instead of telling you how the Republicans ended slavery in America and more recently ended slavery in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or how Republicans are the ‘conservers’ of the Constitution, defenders of the Free Market and define greed as when politicians vote to take money and property from a working successful citizen and gives it to another to buy their votes.

Listen carefully how Joe describes Americans. He will describe them in groups that are being unfairly treated by the rich, and when he talks about jobs he is really talking about government jobs, and when he says “Most Americans believe” this or that, he is really talking about those that are dependent on Big Government or the Liberal Elite not those that are independent of Big Government like myself and you, Mr. Seacrest.

Just remember the story of the Cycle of Marx: In order for Big Government to pay for the needs of the poor it needs to tax those that are successful. The more the successful are taxed the less money they have to spend at the local business. The more businesses are taxed the less money they have to hire employees. The result is not only higher unemployment but more dependency on Big Government and the more money it needs to pay for the needs of the unemployed poor. Eventually, Big Government cannot tax anymore so they borrow money from other countries adding interest charges to the cost of paying for the needs of the poor. Eventually, Big Government can no longer afford to borrow any longer because interest payments are to high so they deiced to print money to pay for the needs of the poor. However, printing money causes a devaluation of the dollar, which in turn cause prices to rise. Higher prices in rent, food and energy causes more people to slip below the poverty line making them eligible for government assistance.  So the “Cycle of Marx” starts all over again all because you voted for the American Idol that has great charisma, looks and speaks well.

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