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January 5, 2012

Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Barney Frank and George Soros – Borderline Erotic, Conservative Porn

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Personally I can understand, on paper, how Ron Paul visualizes foreign policy. After all the State Department is full of Progressive Zealots trying to maintain their jobs while not looking like war mongers and trying to create equanimity among nations. This concept does not work. The alternative solution, according to the Libertarian view, is trade between businesses in competing countries. Then the job of the State Department should be to call out the unfair rules and regulations imposed by foreign governments… or ours. The idea would be to let CEO’s create the Foreign Relations, not government. Foreign businesses who enter into a contract with an American company will do so at their own peril. If they breach the contract which causes a financial loss and their governments do nothing to remedy the breach they, the company, would have to face immediate sanctions from the US such as a ban on doing business in the United States territory.

This sounds fabulous but impractical. Foreign Relations should be between governments creating a safe environment and legal framework for our businesses to trade with each other. At the same time maintaining a big enough military to back up the rule of law.

Unfortunately for us Americans, Obama is circumventing the rule of law and dictating the transformation of our nation by suspending the Constitution and dissolving Congress in order to execute his jobs plan. This is called “Contrary Economics’ and is designed to create chaos in the financial markets therefore inviting King Obama to step in and nationalize all the banks. Clever devil. It won’t work…..

Jeffers M. Dodge
January 5, 2012

Ann Coulter: “Ron Paul is not electable, but it would serve the rest of the world right to have him running the show for a term or two.”

Ann Coulter

— The following is an excerpt from her current article at her website

Ron Paul is not electable as president for several reasons, including that he is only a congressman, is bad on illegal immigration, favors drug legalization and is off the charts on foreign policy.

(But it would serve the rest of the world right to have Paul running the show for a term or two. Then they’d find out what it’s like to be entirely on their own, protecting their own sea and air lanes, digging themselves out of their own earthquakes, getting invaded and nuked by hostile powers, having their computers hacked by terrorists and buying oil from the new Islamic caliphate. After eight years of President Paul, it would be generations before we’d hear a peep of anti-American sentiment again.)


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