Equality: Two Perspectives

President PopModal.com

To the Conservative, each individual is unique and therefore can never be equal. We are millions of people making millions of choices. To the Liberal, equality is paramount, uniqueness must be extinguished and the individual must subordinate to the state, thus making equality a paradox.

The paradox? A Utopian model demands a small group of elite, that consider themselves superior to the proletariat, deserves the penthouse apartment overlooking the kingdom.

2 Comments to “Equality: Two Perspectives”

  1. To the conservative, everything is black-and-white. You’re either a socialist or a capitalist. Conservatives have defective brains.

    • Ben, the mere inability to argue a point with merit and relative comprehension about equality while at the same time demagoguing an entire group, (majority) of Americans is factual evidence of a defective brain.

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