A Message from the California Republican Party Chairman: Redistricing Bombshell & 3 Things You Can Do Before New Years

Total vindication.

That’s the only reasonable response to the bombshell report released today by ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism website, titled “How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission.” The report systematically lays out the corrupt manipulation of what should have been an open and transparent process.

Once you’ve read through the report, I want you to do three things:

  1. Pat yourself on the back for knowing you helped do the right thing by supporting the CRP’s referendum efforts.
  2. Call your local talk radio station and/or write your local newspaper and demand an immediate investigation.
  3. Forward this report to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter ASAP.

Here’s what the San Jose Mercury News reported about the redistricting scandal today:

“California’s congressional Democrats ran a secret effort earlier this year to manipulate the work of the independent citizen’s panel that drew the state’s new political districts, foiling the intent of reformers who sought to remove the redistricting process from the control of party bosses.

“Democrats met behind closed doors at the party’s Washington, D.C. headquarters, hired consultants, drew their ideal districts and presented maps to the panel through proxies who never disclosed their party ties or “public interest” groups created specifically for the purpose. In many cases, the panel responded by doing just what the Democrats wanted.”

You can read the entire article HERE. Here’s my official response:

“The ProPublica report vindicates my repeated contention that the redistricting process was hijacked. That report, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. The corruption of the process went far beyond what was disclosed in that report. No fair minded person can now say the process or the result was fair.  I am calling for an immediate and thorough investigation, by Congressional and State authorities, to get to the bottom of this obviously corrupted process.  Beyond that, the Congressional and Senate lines as drawn by the Commission should not be used in any way for the upcoming elections.”

Once again. “That report…is just the tip of the iceberg.”

You know that I’ve been petitioning the Redistricting Commission, from the very beginning, to conduct itself with openness and fairness, just like California voters asked when they voted in favor of Prop 11 and 20. In March, I recommended that the commission hire bi-partisan line drawing experts and Voting Rights Act counsel to assist them with re-drawing legislative lines to avoid the commission being cast as a partisan one. Instead, they chose to ignore my advice and hired Q2 Data and Research, a firm widely known for its ties to Democrats. Please read the letter I sent to the commissioners regarding this decision.

I also chronicled the Commission proceedings with pieces on Flash Report and Fox and Hounds Daily, which points out the high level of partisanship involved with the selection of Q2 Data and Research.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed by Cal Watch Dog that one of the commissioners, Dr. Gabianno T. Aguirre, had made multiple political campaign contributions to Democratic candidates and has a special “web of connections” with a special interest group that submitted its own redistricting proposals to the commission. Again, a clear violation of the Redistricting Commission’s rules.

I called for him to step down as his involvement compromised the commission’s integrity. Those calls fell on deaf ears, and Dr. Aguirre was allowed to maintain his position on the Commission.

In the Sacramento Bee, I stated that the Citizens Redistricting Commission ‘failed to consistently apply the criteria mandated by law when drawing the Assembly, Senate, congressional, and Board of Equalization maps.

Now it’s time for you to step up and let your voice be heard. Once again, we need to work together to demand accountability in all phases of government, even from non-partisan commissions who got fooled by the Democrats. Make calls, write letters, let your network know about this bombshell report.  Thanks again for all your hard work and service!

Tom Del Beccaro

CRP Chairman

via Redistricing Bombshell & 3 Things You Can Do Before New Years.

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