Krassner vs Breitbart :

Krassner vs Breitbart

The following is an excerpt from a Playboy interview of Conservative Andrew Breitbart conducted by 60’s radical and Youth International Party leader Paul Krassner.


KRASSNER: By the way, I was once on a TV panel with Ann Coulter, and during a commercial break I suggested to her that the labels “conservative” and “liberal” had become obsolete. I asked her what she thought might be appropriate substitute labels. “Americans and cowards,” she said.

BREITBART: I love Ann Coulter to the core of my being. Nobody humors me more. If there’s anyone I want to have a dinner with and who can have me on the floor laughing—and her laugh is infectious, and to anybody who knows her, she is just a star. Anyone on the left who would spend five minutes with her would be laughing, and in puddles of their own urine laughing, even when she’s making fun of them. Leftists have an inability to have a sense of humor about their sanctimony.

KRASSNER: But humor is totally subjective. You’ve said that Bill Ayers probably wrote Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams From My Father, but to me that’s an obvious joke. Ayers has said, “I wrote that book, and if you could help me prove it, I’ll split the royalties with you.” On the other hand, those billionaire Koch brothers, the notorious oil merchants who oppose reducing air pollution, when they claimed that smog prevents skin cancer, I thought that was a joke. But they had actually hired a think tank that somehow managed to come up with that conclusion.

BREITBART: I believe Bill Ayers is a moral relativist, and I think he’s protecting his intense and long-standing relationship with Barack Obama. The history of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn with the Obamas—they helped usher Barack Obama into his political origins, which started in their house, in essence. Of course the media are going to downplay his relationship with Ayers, an unrepentant radical domestic terrorist. Of course they’re going to protect Obama. They protected him from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was his spiritual mentor for 20 years, and from his relationship with Father Michael Pfleger. The most controversial thing they could glean from my book on the left was that I believe, based on his writing on Dreams From My Father, that Jack Cashill makes an incredibly compelling argument that Ayers performed the mundane task of ghostwriting a politician’s memoirs. It’s what everyone does. Every politician has a ghostwriter, and I believe to the core of my being that Ayers was the logical writer of Dreams From My Father. If you don’t think it’s compelling, then don’t think it. It’s just what I happen to think. I don’t think it’s even a controversial point. One is allowed to draw conclusions based on well-argued writing.

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  1. Well, the story ended up being a hack job by some muckrakers, idcluning Breitbart, so I’d say Hooray! for the rest of the media for not taking the absurd video and allegations at face value. (Also, I’d love to see a timeline, because I don’t trust Breitbart).There’s just no network that is actually left . MSNBC is pretty close, with it’s opinion commentary clearly skewed to the left, but their news coverage isn’t left-leaning, and they don’t have their opinion commentators on the news shows. Not to mention that MSNBC has the awful Morning Joe, who is clearly conservative. There’s no such thing on Fox (H&C was as close as they ever came, and Colmes was a punchline).I think US media is really bad, but I think it’s because they’re lazy. They just want to repeat press releases, talk about fake controversies, and poll their audience about every damn thing. Fox skews right, MSNBC skews left, and everyone else skews moronic. Sadly, the right is far more effective at manipulating stupid media than the left.Here’s what I want to know: if the media is so liberal, why do we ever hear about Sarah Palin? Why did we hear the birther BS for so long? Why are people discussing Donald Trump’s every move? Why was death panels ever uttered on television?Agreed on the non-US sources though. Thankfully we get Al-Jazeera here in DC, which is remarkably good usually (though, like everybody, they’ve got their highs and lows).

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