The “Teleprompter Elite” are Unwitting Co-Conspirators in the Destruction of Israel


WATCH Michele Bachmann’s comments on the Palestinians. It continually amazes me how the “Teleprompter Elite” Liberal’s and their proxies (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NYT, etc.) are in denial in respect to the importance of the unmitigated sponsors of hate spewed by the leadership and religious madrasas of the Palestinian people, Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria which, as you know, are proxies of Iran’s leadership.This in my view, and I am not an expert on the middle east, is a primary reason for the resistance to the reformation (transformation, moderation) of Islam.

The alleged brainiacs of the teleprompter elite can’t seem to get this fact in their head… The Palestinians want to kill all Jews and then move on to the rest of the infidels. Why is this such a hard fact for them to recognize. Why is it such a hard fact to recognize that the Palestinian People would not exist if it were not for Israel and they would disappear as soon as they were no longer needed? In other words, as soon as Israel is “pushed into the sea.

”I suppose its because they do not understand that the only thing the Radical Islamist really fear is visceral strength and the only thing they consider weak is the verbal virtuosity of the “Teleprompter Elite”.

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2 Comments to “The “Teleprompter Elite” are Unwitting Co-Conspirators in the Destruction of Israel”

  1. The Jews do not care, so why should I. Let hem fight their own battles. It is past time for Israel to grow up and turn back to God.

  2. Which Jews are you talking about? The Israeli Jews or the American Liberal Jews that have abandoned their culture and faith.

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