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December 11, 2011

» Political Ideology in the Garden of Eden

Recently, I heard Mark R. Levin discuss his upcoming book, Ameritopia. He pointed out that Progressive liberal ideology strives to create a utopian society. But utopia, he emphasized, is incompatible with the ideals of individual liberty as formulated by the American Constitution.

The schism between the goal of achieving a so-called perfect society where everyone receives an equal share of wealth, and a society where success is based on free enterprise and individual initiative is delineated in the most fundamental roots of Judaism: The story of the Garden of Eden.

There is an analysis of the Eden story in a fine and scholarly book by Rabbi David Fohrman, The Beast That Crouches at the Door: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Beyond which explains the message of the Adam and Eve story. Their choice, teaches Rabbi Fohrman, was between the Tree of Life, one that would grant the utopian dream of eternal life and a worry-free existence, and the Tree of Knowledge which brings awareness of  Good and Evil and the burden of mortality.

Judaism does not interpret the Eden story as the downfall of man, nor as original sin. Rather, Judaism understands Eve’s tasting of the forbidden fruit as an act that invokes her very humanity. Adam & Eve and their seed were no longer guaranteed eternal life. However, mankind was given free will, which, argues Rabbi Fohrman, is an opportunity rather than a curse.

Without good and evil, there is no choice.

The Tree of Life represents the utopian ideal of Progressive liberal ideology. [Read Full Article Here » Political Ideology in the Garden of Eden – Big Government.]

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