Ted Hayes, Original “god-father” of Occupation Los Angeles – Vindicated and Justified

Ted Hayes, Homeless Advocate

Greetings Patriot Folks from the Original Occupier of Los Angeles,
Please see below information concerning the origins of Occupation of Los Angeles.

As you know, my colleagues and I, Terrance Lang, Leslie Jordan, James Spencer, Gerald Pitts et al, have been visiting the Wall Street Occupiers at the LA City Hall encampment for the past few weeks.

It has been and is our objective to lend leadership and guidance to well meaning, blessed young people who self-admit that they don’t know what to do with this new-found power that they have achieved.

Well, thanks be to GOD who delivers our enemies into our hands, the La Raza Socialists agents have foolishly made me the center of the Occupy Wall Street movement by bringing up the issue of illegal immigration by attacking my status as American citizen Minuteman, even as the late US President John F. Kennedy admonished all of us to be.

The LA Times Article below hugely vindicates me as the only individual with proper gravitas to effectively address the “piggishness” of Wall Street and the corruption of the US government, by citing “Ted Hayes” and his band of Homeless people known as Justiceville as the original occupiers of Los Angeles.

* The record will show that the contents of the second paragraph of the article was instigated by “Ted Hayes” and Justiceville.

We actually were able to occupy the interior of City Halls hallways, lobbies, and even the Council Chambers as you see in the photos.

* This unprecedented occupation occurred as result of my government-laughed at prediction that the cold of that winter season would kill homeless peoples, and it did.

A month earlier, after giving a tour to a certain City Council member through Skid Row and other areas that we had previously occupied, per my request, he proposed to the City Council that due to the winter and degrading conditions of homeless folks dwelling on sidewalks, that city hallways, lobbies and underground garages be temporarily opened to them.

However, the Council and Mayor refused.  But when four homeless were killed by the cold, they sheepishly allowed me bring into the Council Chambers, lobbies and hallways, hundred of homeless people to occupy.

The only event that I did not initiate was the original Tend City of December 1994, but everything after that, is Justiceville and me.

Even after the closing of the Urban Campground know as the “Dust Bowl Hilton”, which was initially instigated by Justiceville, I led about 30 plus homeless people on what we called the Trek of Justice. We left downtown to occupy a Beverly Hills park. After we were kicked out of Beverly Hills we occupied a park in Pacific Palisades, then to Pepperdine University and the Colony in Malibu, to Santa Monica, to Venice Beach. Here, Yoko Ono, the widow of Beatles John Lennon sent us $5,000 to erect a Tent  City on the beach itself called Rainbow City. Once we were kicked out of Venice we went back to downtown to occupy the park across the street from the LA Times. There were many more places we occupied but I will not bore you with the details.

So, please know the truth about the foundation of this movement.  Without bragging, it appears that I am the “God-Father” or originator of Los Angeles the Occupation movement.

Is it any wonder why the La Raza Socialists are attempting to shut me down?

They are on the defense.

Apparently, in response to my permit being granted by the LAPD to lead a march and rally called “Save The Sons and Daughters of the Slaves and Homeless”, the La Raza Socialists are foolishly organizing a counter demonstration.

Wow!  What blessing!  They are about to insanely make the same mistake they made on Saturday, June 23, 2007.  Please google “Ted Hayes and Leimert Park 2007” and behold their lunacy.

La Raza is rushing to co-opt these well-meaning and unsuspecting youths into their illicit illegal immigration money making activities that undermine our beloved United States of America.

But, rather than shutting us down, they are about to make our day.  Thanks be to our Heavenly FATHER,

Please enjoy the article.

City Hall’s History of “Occupations” Includes Tents Outside and Sleeping Bags in Chambers
By Eric Richardson Published: Friday, October 21, 2011 Los Angeles Times

The protesters of Occupy Los Angeles have been sleeping on the lawns outside City Hall for three weeks now, but so far the group’s journeys into the building have mostly been confined to trips to give public comment at City Council meetings.

Ted Hayes Occupied City Hall Chambers. Homeless people sleep on the floor of City Hall's Council Chambers on January 22, 1987. Right: Workers erect a large tent next door to City Hall in December of 1984 for the first of two tent cities on the site

That wasn’t the case in January of 1987, when for just a few days the floor of the Council chambers was opened up as a temporary homeless shelter.

The move, prompted by a cold front that dropped Downtown temperatures near freezing, was part of a multi-year advocacy effort that included homeless individuals sleeping in a tent city on the state building footprint across the street from City Hall, in the tunnels of the County’s Civic Center complex and eventually in an Arts District campground that came to be known as the “Dust Bowl Hilton.”

The tent city next door to City Hall came first, set up in December of 1984 by a coalition of agencies that called itself the Homeless Organizing Team. 250 people made a temporary home in and around a pair of large tents, set up both to provide a few weeks of shelter and to dramatize the plight of the homeless. Just as with today’s protests, the action was also designed to get media attention.

When the site was shut down in early January, some former residents followed organizer Ted Hayes—who would go on to be a central figure in Los Angeles homeless advocacy—to a site at 6th and Gladys. There they set up a shantytown dubbed “Justiceville,” but it was shut down in May of 1985 by officials over health and safety concerns.

via City Hall’s History of “Occupations” Includes Tents Outside and Sleeping Bags in Chambers :: blogdowntown.

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