College Conspiracy – The Rise of College Tuition Fees and the Unholy Alliance Between Big Government and Teachers Unions

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Jeffers M. Doge

Whenever the government subsidizes anything the price of those goods and services rise dramatically. Why? Because government intervention stifles competition and distorts the market. Universities take advantage of the fact that student loans are easy to get and are guaranteed not by them but by the government. Tenured professors never discus their roll in the economics of high tuition… they just leave that part out when they demand the rich pay more taxes.

Take the case of higher education and teachers Unions. The Unions know that since the tax payer is going to be guaranteeing the student loans they can keep raising the fees as high as they want. Everything in America has suffered in regards to wage and profit increases except for higher education which is exceeding all measurements of inflation.

It is a destructive collusion between the Public Teachers Union and Big Government that enables the cost of education to rise.

It is a perception with validity that Big Government’s goal is to control as much of education as possible so as to indoctrinate our children into the moral relativism of their culture of corruption & death. Have you ever wondered why 90% of all Public School Teachers are Liberal Democrats?

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