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October 26, 2011

News Corp Hacking Took Place On One Phone — And Police Just Found It

October 26th | by Hillary Reinsberg

Ah, remember the News Corp hacking scandal? Fun times! Well in a new twist, British police have discovered the one secret phone that was used to do all the hacking. S

eriously, one phone? Now that’s kind of silly, isn’t it?

Anyway, this phone, called “the hub” was discovered in News Corp’s headquarters by the Metropolitan Police. Get this. “The hub” was used to illegally obtain 1,150 phone numbers, according to The Independent.

What was this magical, mysterious “hub” phone? And why was there only one? Questions abound.

But it makes one thing clear — that the hacking definitely occurred within the offices of News Corp. And all on one phone. We really can’t get over that.

via News Corp Hacking Took Place On One Phone — And Police Just Found It 

October 26, 2011

Pat Buchanan is interviewed by George Noory of Coast to Coast about his book Death of a Super Power (33 minutes)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Interview summary and comments by Jeffers M. Dodge 10-26-2011

The American government as a nation state cannot balance our budget, control our borders or win our wars. The nation’s cradle faith, Christianity, is declining and all this is happening at the same time. Can America stop going to war with itself, rich against poor, race against race – has the concept of the great melting pot failed?

The Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 separate Nations in 1991. Each of these nations was separate both ethnically and geographically. By 2041 America will be divided up among 4 separate groups: African Americans, Asian Americas, Europeans and Hispanics. Our metropolitan areas will be divided up into enclaves specific to philosophy, ideology, race and culture except for the southwest, which will be predominately Hispanic and aligned to Mexico.

Pat asks why did we lose 50,000 factories and almost 6 million mfg jobs in the first decade of the 21st Century? Both Parties embraced globalization when America had the highest standard of living, highest wages and the strongest regulations on manufacturing in the world. Then we put these factories into competition with factories in China where people made a dollar or two and hour, no unions, no regulations and the Chinese government that will fire any workers that descent. What we got is a massive transfer of production out of the United States and into China. Both parties are responsible for this as well as the open border policies that have created the widest income gap in history. No wonder so many Americans are disenchanted with their government. No wonder we have the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Pat talks about how the Chinese foresaw and out manipulated the United States in regards to economics and how American business was lured away by lower costs and higher profits at the expense of the American worker who could no longer afford to purchase the goods these companies were producing. So what does Big Government do? It borrows money from China and hands it out to teachers, first responders and state workers who then go to the mall and purchase products imported from China. Of course it does not work and this country is spiraling down the credit hole like so many bankrupted good Americans. And the kicker? We still owe the money to China.

Now China has built a dollar reserve of over $3 trillion from which they are building their military. They are becoming the dominant force in Asia and ultimately they want to dominate the earth. The Chinese have sacrificed their current situation economically to win the future. In America, Big Government is sacrificing our future to keep its public workers happy and voting for the liberal policies that have gotten us into this mess in the first place.

How many of us are sacrificing our current situation for a better future by saving money for our kids’ education and/or retirement. Unfortunately, Big Government knows this and is stealing our future by digging a hole so deep we will never be able to afford an adequate retirement or education for our children.

Pat agrees with many Americans about Herman Cain in respect to his surge in popularity. He has the quality of freshness, authenticity, likeability and clarity. The American people are fed up with the tax code and love the simplicity of his 999 Plan. (Pat particularly likes the fact that the crime syndicate’s Godfather will now have to pay taxes to the Federal Government.)

In respect to the Occupy Wall Street gang, Pat divides the rich into two groups: those who produce and those who manipulate financial markets and in essence do not produce anything. Those hedge fund managers, including the likes of George Soros, are typically Liberal Democrats and have given more money to Liberal causes than anyone else, yet the Occupy Wall Street gang seems to give George Soros and Obama a pass.

China is playing a long-term game and is looting the United States of its factories, patents and technology until there is nothing left. American Big Government will continue to raise taxes and snuff out individual ambition and productivity.

Where do we find solutions to the problems we face? We find them in the Founding Documents. We look for Constitutional Conservatives that are real leaders and clearly understand our Founders’ intent and understand the strength and resourcefulness of the American people. Individuals who can offer a resistance to the destructive entitlement culture that is failing in Europe and denied by our current administration. Viva la Resistance!

Pat argues that Free Trade isn’t really free when we are competing with China. I agree and add that mandating tariffs on imports with an American Big Government entitlement society is self-defeating. Tariffs on imports are supposed to be in lieu of lower taxes on businesses. Lower taxes are antithetical to the Liberal Democrat mindset and will never happen. A successful private sector means a declining public sector. The private sector exists, according to the Liberal Democrats, only as worker bees to produce and distribute goods to the elite government overseers. “Global free trade is the policy of declining powers, whereas, protectionism is the policy of rising powers like China today.”

Pat says that America is bringing in one to two million legal immigrants a year while there are 14 million Americans out of work. He favors a moratorium on immigration until unemployment reaches 5 to 6 %. It can also be said that, as to the tens of millions of illegal immigrants that come to us from all over the world, they not only bring us a higher poverty level and income disparity, but they bring the same cultural expectations that that made their countries of origins so dysfunctional.

Some people, typically racists, call Pat Buchanan racist. Pat, like all Conservative Americans, argues not about race but about the welfare of us all. It is about preservation of the idea of America and living in accordance to its founding documents and free enterprise. We are a country of laws, not men or groups, and not a country where we strive for social justice. We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal taxation.

I am looking forward to reading his book. Here is a link to to purchase it right away.

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