Jack Daniels Faces More Taxes From Cash-Strapped Hometown In Tennessee.

“We are entitled to more money from the only industry in the county – Jack Daniel’s distillery,” said Charles Rogers, a 75-year-old retiree and self-described “concerned citizen” of Moore County – home to Lynchburg and Jack Daniel’s.

Rogers wants the proposed tax to pay the bills for new schools, roads, bridges, even a new water treatment plant.

Rogers says Moore County is “entitled” to more money because Jack Daniel’s used bucolic images of small-town life in Lynchburg to sell its product. And as Norman Rockwell made a living off of his iconic images of Americana, so too should Lynchburg, according to Rogers.

via Jack Daniels Faces More Taxes From Cash-Strapped Hometown In Tennessee | Fox News.

2 Comments to “Jack Daniels Faces More Taxes From Cash-Strapped Hometown In Tennessee.”

  1. We call it encouragement. We encourage people to start businesses, ‘cos then we can move in and hijack (oops, I meant “put to better use”) (silly me) their profits.

    Yep! That’s gonna solve all our problems.

    Actually if we encourage them even more, take (say) a hundred percent of all their foul-filthy-fat-bloated-capitalist-piggy profits, then it will be win/win all round. No?

    Without ever having met him I like ol’ Charlie. We should have him stuffed …

  2. I don’t know enough to not expose myself to ridicule here—but how about if the Head honcho of Jack Daniels were to pop along to City Hall, look ’em all in the eye, spread his arms and with a disarming smile say—

    “Go ahead! And if you do, we’re out of here. Have a nice day …”

    —and stroll away whistling nonchalantly, knowing damned well that he actually means it.

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