Alec Baldwin – I think capitalism is worthwhile.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Jeffers M. Dodge 10-21-2011

While Alec Baldwin was strolling through ZOOcati Park he defending the banking system to the crowd.

“I don’t want the capital markets to be dismantled,” he said. “I think capitalism is worthwhile, and capitalism demands the flow of money.”

He said he thought the biggest problem is a toothless Securities and Exchange Commission, which is supposed to regulate the financial system.

“They don’t do anything. They are totally in the pocket of the banks!” Baldwin said.

“The banks are going to do what the banks do. And you want the banks to do what banks do. But when the banks [act] like they are a hockey player that starts throwing their elbow in your eye socket, you want the SEC to throw the flag. The SEC never throws the flag.”

The question is; will he defend it against the socialist tendencies of Barack Obama? Can he look through the haze of a mishmash of conflicting notions and beging to shed away the idea the compassion comes from the individual not from the government. Compassion is as much of an instinct as negative greed. John Lennon and Mick Jagger ended his journey with liberalism and now Steve Jobs started to see the light on the hill. Maybe the second age of enlightenment is on the verg  and Alec Baldwin is smart enough, open enough and caring enough to see exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they separated from the King.

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