Obama’s First 1,000 Days in Office. Economic record indicates complete failure.

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By Jeffers M. Dodge 10-20-2011

The First 1,000 days of the Obama Admin economic record have been a complete failure.

  1. The National Debt has increased $4.2 trillion
  2. The USA Spends $4.2 billion every day or $2.9 million per minute more than it takes in.
  3. 2.2 million jobs lost. He’s added 140,000 to gov’t payroll.
  4. 3 million more Americans now live in poverty.
  5. 4 million bankruptcies
  6. 2.4 million homes foreclosed with no end in sight.
  7. Gas Prices have risen more than 80%
  8. Health insurance premiums are up nearly 13%

The question for me is this: Is it pure incompetence or an orchestrated attempt to transform America to a Socialists State?

2 Comments to “Obama’s First 1,000 Days in Office. Economic record indicates complete failure.”

  1. An Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-radical-progressive oligarchy with Barck Obama as turtle-atop-the-fencepost has competently succeeded in imploding America and its capitalism beyond retrieval.

  2. Ronald Reagan cut taxes and spent money on things like “The Star Wars Initiative” and sent The Deficit rocketing, he also deregulated business which was the origin of the whole mess. Americans fell for the whole thing, all over again with Bush Junior. They won’t fall for that again. President Obama needs recovery, just like Cameron, Merkel, and every Western Leader. Obama is helped of course by The Republican Comedy Party. The Tea Party appears to be over, its popularity is falling a lot faster than The President’s and “The Occupy Wall St” movement has a 43% approval, double that of “The Tea Party”. If The Republican’s can agree on a moderate candidate like Romney, they might win, but if they choose some pro business, anti-abortion, cut taxes for the rich cowboy, they will lose big. I think the bookies believe Obama has a better chance of staying in power than Cameron, he really is in big trouble.
    I’m no fan of Obama, he is proving to be a weak president, but this article really is the most appalling rubbish. It’s just transparent nonsense.
    You can’t think of a president who has damaged the US as much?
    Do the words George W. Bush mean nothing to you?

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