Ann Coulter: OWST calling for another French Revolution. “Why not another American Revolution?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have to hand it to Ann for the timing of her new book describing in gruesome details the horrors of the French Revolution. The point she makes is clear; the division between Liberalism and Conservatism began with the American Revolution involving the Conservatives and the French Revolution involving the Liberals.

The American Revolution involved a bunch of Christian Right Wing intellectuals that meticulously laid out the case for separation from King George in the Declaration of the United States and the The French Revolution was an out of control mob that meticulously separated thousands from their heads and ate the still beating hearts of their religious clergy.

Now we can safely say that the Liberals and the Wall Street Mob are more like the French Revolution as compared to the Tea Party and the Conservatives who are more in line with the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution.

What side would you rather be on?

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