Charles Payne Mocked by Occupy Wall Street Union Leader

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Charles Payne Mocked by Occupy Wall Street Unio…,

By Sonndra May 10/18/2011

Charles Payne from Fox News Channel/Fox Business Network, was challenged at best, mocked at worst, by a union leader at Occupy Wall Street for “his (Payne’s) success coming from an infrastructure that made it far easier for him”…. Payne’s strong emotional response told the story of how his success REALLY unfolded: by extreme hard work and sacrifice.

The union leader and surrounding mockers of Charles don’t believe that they, the average person, have opportunities to succeed on their own, that it cannot be done in this country today. I believe Payne was right when he accused them of telling people “they don’t have the power to empower themselves.”

America today has no opportunities for people to succeed ON THEIR OWN!?

Come on. The only fatal roadblock in their way is attitude: lack of ambition or lack of education (anyone can get educated at any time of their life in America) or laziness or an irrational sense of entitlement. And perhaps they don’t think their success is big enough. Perhaps they envy people who have worked harder and sacrificed more.

Let’s admire people who work hard and accomplish their goals and enjoy their lives. Let’s aspire to do the same. Let’s find our dreams and passions and work hard to achieve them.

We may not end up as wealthy as others. We may choose to limit our sacrifices in order to have more leisure time in our lives. That’s okay. And one last thing. There are those who are not average in every sense of the word. There are those with physical, mental or emotional challenges. And yet, there are many in that category who also achieve amazing success. Their IS opportunity. And there is opportunity everywhere for all of us to help those who truly need it. And last time I checked, Americans were still the most generous people in history, with America still and always the most giving and generous country in history.

Success isn’t always easy. It doesn’t often come early, especially with all the liberal government’s pile up of regulations and restrictions and oppressive laws. But make no mistake. America is still the land of opportunity.

How dare anyone resent Charles Payne for his success and diminish his role in achieving it!

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