Bill O’Reilly teaches David Letterman about history and humility.

I never ever ever watch David Letterman’s show. I cannot relate to his politics, his morals, and generally his sense of humor. The only time I watch him is when I hear of a guest appearance that I like. So Bill O’Reilly was on and I decided to watch Dave’s opening dialogue and infamous “Top Ten”.

The first thing I noticed about Dave’s appearance was he is getting really old… almost like he has to work hard to stand up straight and keep from hunching forward. He also seemed like he was drunk or on some medicine that was inhibiting his usually sharp sense of timing. It was embarrassing and a few times I got the sense that he was either embarrassed himself or getting sick of standing there night after night tearing down the character of good decent human beings all to get a laugh and make millions more doing so. Talk about exploitation of the innocent.

His side kick, what’s his name, the bald short, nerdy musical director, diminishes the whole thing by his overly arrogant self indulgent guttural interrupting running commentary throughout the show. Both he and Dave seemed so desperate. It was sad.

When did they start adding canned laughter to the Dave Letterman show?

Bill O’Reilly was in control and made Dave look like a clown. Dave was speechless during much of the interview. I am looking forward to reading his book Killing Lincoln.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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