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October 4, 2011

Dinesh D’Douza’s predictions on Obama is right: he has a deep disregard for capitalism and American global dominance.

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The real question about Class Warfare is who is doing the money making and who is doing the money taking. Obama says we need to do what’s fair. OK, fine, but he and Big Government are the ones that got us into this financial predicament in the first place. They say we need to help the poor. That is hypocritical. It is the mere existence of big government that does more to create poverty than does the private sector. (see article on poverty)

What is the beauty of capitalism? It is the ability to create jobs from the profit generated by the teamwork of the company making the product and paying the salaries of the employees who buy the products. Once you insert big government into this ‘cash flow’ you inhibit the profitability of the company, thus inhibiting the natural jobs expansion, thus creating more poverty and the need for an even bigger government.

The only way a person would disregard this mathematical common sense would be if that person had a deep hatred for Free Market Capitalism. Dinesh D’Douza has come to this conclusion and has predicted the course of action Obama would be taking; build a coalition and send a message of class warfare.

Obama is cobbling together a coalition that he knows will not vote for a possibility of disruption to the government handouts these people are receiving. Public Employees Unions, people receiving food stamps, social security, unemployment, Medicare, the homeless, under educated, young people that are still sucking on the tit of their parents benevolence.

Obama’s message is not ‘One For All and All For One’ it is the message of all tyrants and dictators: Blame those that create the wealth (jobs) for taking any hope of receiving any of that wealth for yourself.

But the question is why? Why would he want to create a society that will destroy itself by killing the job creators. Why does he want to bring down the top to enrich the bottom? I am going to read Dinesh D’Douza’s new book ‘The Roots of Obama’s Rage’ to try to get a answer to this deeply troubled man’s intentions.

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