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August 17, 2011

Congratulates President-elect Obama. Now I have a few questions…

Originally posted November 26, 2008…

Before I start I would like to reflect on what an historical moment November 4th was… one that will live forever. The first American President from African descent fired the imagination and inspiration of millions all over the world.

Our country is now in his hands to either govern in the center by using free market capitalism and continue this great experiment in Republican Government or try and prove Marx and Engle right and in doing so, like all other experiments in socialism before him, destroy the best economic system free men have ever developed?

Will our enemies such as the Islamic fundamentalist and the extreme Nationalist and Marxist Revolutionaries lay down their arms and join our cause… or will they challenge Barack Hussein Obama to submit to Allah. Obama and his cronies are Islamic Socialists until proven otherwise. How can I accuse him of this? Barrack Hussein Obama admits it when he uttered the words “Spread the Wealth.”

Another question to ask about the chosen one: Do we give him a chance to succeed or do we stick it to him right out of the Box?

Personally, I think we wait until his second day in office… then we ask him the following questions;

Was his election a mandate on banning off shore drilling?
Was his election a mandate on bankrupting the coal industry?
Was his election a mandate on sharing my wealth?
In these times of economic stress who should suffer; the government, in the form of spending cuts, or the people by raising taxes?

In addition I would like a discussion about the institutions and values that propelled him to victory, i.e., the media, economy, freedom of choice and equality.

1. Do you think he would have won the election if it were not for the complete capitulation of the media? (other than Fox News) In other words did the Main Stream Media lose their Left Wing ideological credibility by not giving both sides the same objective leg tingling coverage? Or did the MSM become cheerleaders to a person that can finally win a landslide victory against the mighty Republican political machine?
2. Do you think Barack Obama would have won the election if it were not for the burst of the real-estate bubble? (What Political Parties economic principles were primarily responsible for the collapse?)
3. Do you think that when the economy is doing great under a Republican Administration the MSM does its best to talk it down — to try and diminish it to give a leg-up for their anti-freemarket socialist ideology? For instance according to the MSM we have been in a recession for two years, where in fact, technically we are not in a recession and we have just had the greatest period of wealth creation in the history of the planet. Our GDP grew from $9 trillion at the end of the year 2000 to $14 trillion by the end of 2008. All thanks to George W. Bush and his super bad cronies.

Equality and Choice are big Left Wing values always swaying in the righteous wind.
Government cannot force equalization of talent, feelings, education and therefore wealth. By doing so makes the poor lazy and the successful disinclined. So what inspires innovation under a socialist system? The simple answer is idealism. This is the energy of youth and is shaped and focused by educational institutions. Graduates from Left Wing Indoctrination Universities come out ready to make a killing and are picked up and exploited by big business. This idealism is a great motivator until competition kicks in and the only reward you get for your brilliance is the expectation of brilliance and disappointment for anything less and to watch those younger and prettier get the only meaningful compensation that you once had; attention from their elder elitist party member bosses with their corner offices and apartments.

In a Free-Market system the cream of the crop rises to the top and continues the success of the business — expanding markets, creating jobs and producing the ultimate American value; success. In a socialist system competition and choice is denied and oppressed which stymies innovation and expansion. This is the legacy of misdirected and dishonorable greed disguised as altruism. Achieving great personal success for yourself first then your family and your community is the greatest form of altruism. Charity starts at home!

It is time for Republicans to be reflective and to clean house.

The ex RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman recognized this after the 2006 debacle and stepped down. Yet the status quo was somehow maintained. This would have never happened in a corporate structure. There is no democracy in a Political Party structure; it is and should be structured like a business but when failure occurs as in the case of 2006 and 2008 either the Party should dissolve itself or management should be fired.

That means those that failed in 2006 and did not step aside, dishonored the Republican Party and the values and principles it stands on.

I personally witnessed the idealized youth taking key roles in the RNC making choice not for the cause but primarily for their resumes. For instance regional headquarter leaders choosing not to promote phone banking at home because the headquarters where they lead are competing with each other to see how many phone calls come from their staff. In other words it was their personal objectives not what was best for the cause. They never realized the pent up energy of all the Republicans that wanted so desperately to help win this election but were confined to schedules and responsibilities of work, faith and families.

But it is also important to understand that everything happens in generational cycles. Our economy, our culture and our psychology. Blatant critique and/or statements of facts can be like a sward cutting through the thick fabric of denial. To the child it can sound punishing, to an adult it can sound condescending and to a teacher it is downright emasculating… but sometimes it needs to be stated not diplomatically but directly.

In the end, it will be the owners and editors of the MSM that will pick our leaders, shape our opinion and rule the world.

Was this election a mandate on banning off shore drilling?
Was this election a mandate on bankrupting the coal industry?
Was this election a mandate on shearing my wealth?
In the times of economic stress who should suffer the government in the form of cutting spending or the people by raising taxes.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the complete and utter incompetence of the RNC leadership starting with the kowtowing and capitulation to the Main Stream Media (MSM). A case in point; who at the RNC allowed CNN and YouTube staffers to choose the questions for the Republican Primary Debates. That is like letting your opponent call your plays in a football game. It was a debate among Republican candidates discussing issues that matter to Republicans, not a bunch of Marxist yahoos sitting around a desk picking questions that made a mockery out o the Republican Party… Unbelievable.

Jeffers M. Dodge

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